North Berwick Kayak Club Whistle Blowing and Internal Disciplinary Procedure





  • To provide a route for people to safely raise concerns about the welfare, and safety of children and vulnerable adults in NBKC
  • To provide a mechanism for feedback about any actions raised from these concerns
  • To ensure that any individual raising these concerns will be protected from victimisation where these concerns are raised in good faith



  • This policy covers all involved in the activity  of NBKC


Key Principals

The following principals have been included in this policy

  • This policy supports the NBKC Child Protection Policy (document NBKC_1) and those of the SCA Child Protection Policy
  • The SCA  Child Protection Officer and the SCA board will be involved in any investigation and disciplinary procedure in the event of any misconduct charge.


General Principles

Paddles, coaches, parents may realise that children of vulnerable adults welfare and safety may be at risk but do not feel at liberty to raise the issue due to the fear of victimisation or harassment. The consequence of this may be that poor practice or misconduct issues are ignored.

NBKC wished to provide any environment of openness  and honesty and therefore will encourage any individual to come forward where they believe there is a serious concern over the welfare or safety of any child or vulnerable adult

This policy makes it clear that any individual can indeed raise these concerns without fear of victimisation, discrimination or disadvantage.


Safeguards and Protection

  • Individuals should have no concern about reporting an issue
  • NBKC will not tolerate any harassment and will protect individual raising concerns in good faith
  •  Investigation into allegations will not influence any disciplinary procedure already being conducted



NBKC will where requested protect the anonymity of the whistleblower. However, where the investigation and any statement taken necessitates this may not be possible. In these circumstances the whistle blower will be advised and given the opportunity to discuss and review the allegations


Anonymous Allegations

There is a clear preference for any allegation to be made by a named individual. However, in some circumstances an allegation may be submitted anonymously.  Such allegations will be considered under the discretion of the NBKC and the SCA together. Factors considered in progressing investigations in these circumstances hinge on

  • The credibility of the allegation
  • The relative seriousness of the allegation
  • The likelihood of substantiating any evidence made in the allegation


Untrue Allegations

Where investigation proves that an allegation made in good faith is untrue no action will be taken against the individual. If an allegation is deemed to have been made in a frivolous or malicious way then disciplinary action will follow in line with the SCA disciplinary procedure.


Operation of this policy

This policy should only be instigated where an individual is unable to raise their concerns through the NBKC Child Protection Policy (Document NBKC_1) or the SCA Child Protection Policy



  1. In the first instance individuals may raise the allegation to the child protection officer  at
    1. By email
    2. By post marked private and confidential Child Protection Officer NBKC, 18 Smileyknowes Court North Berwick EH39 4RG
    3. Phone 07789 924630

This will then be referred further to the SCA child protection officer

  1. If the allegation is against the CPO then the concern needs to be raised directly with the SCA child protection officer
    1. By email
    2. By post marked private and confidential  Child Protection Officer Scottish Canoe Association, Caledonia House, South Gyle Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ
    3. Phone 0131 317 7314
  2. Any concerns need to detail
    1. Background and history of the concern
    2. Names of individuals
    3. Dates
    4. Places and locations
    5. Reason for the concern

There much be adequate detail to substantiate the allegation.


Response to the Allegation

Any action and response made will depend on the nature and seriousness of the allegation

Any investigation will be handled by the SCA management team involving the SCA child protection officer.

The individual will receive an immediate acknowledgement from the person with whom they raised the concern. Further responses will be made by the SCA to confirm

  • How the matter will be dealt with
  • Duration of the process to provide a final response
  • Tell them if any initial investigation has been made
  • Advice about whether further investigations will be made or not and the reason why

Further information may be requested from the person raising the concern. If a meeting is required with the individual then they the right to be accompanied by a person of their choice.


Taking the issue further

It is hoped that this procedure provides a full process to address any concerns that a whistleblower may have. However, if this process has not achieved this objective the person raising the concern can take the issue further by contacting

  • Their local area Child Support Unit
  • Social Services
  • The police


Last updated 28/09/2010


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