Pool sessions are currently running and the spring/ summer programme is being finalised and will be available soon in the Trips section.


Kayaking carries some risk and members need to be aware of this. The club minimises this risk by following strict SCA (governing body) guidelines. Activities include coaching sessions, ran by a qualified coach, led sessions where a group of paddlers journey either on a river or on a sea trip under the guidance of a qualified leader, and independent trips where members will journey as a group with each taking individual responsibility.

A diagram showing the range of activity can be found here. We have strict criterion for independent paddler involvement, and this is explained here.

To help members to decide whether a trip is right for them (and to help the coaches make decisions about whether that individual is right for the trip) we define a number of levels of experience based on the SCA Star Awards scheme. We will try to match each member against these criterion. More information is available on our experience definitions page.

Dates for initial activities for 2014 will soon be bookable on WebCollect. Click here for details: 





Last updated 08/02/2014


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