Child Protection Policy





The welfare of all our members and helpers is of paramount importance to the club committee in all issues relating to child protection.


Relationships: all members and helpers over 16 years must develop a relationship with younger members and others based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.


Responsibilities: personal standards - all members and helpers over 16 years must demonstrate correct personal behavior at all times.


Rights: Members and helpers must respect the rights of every member of NBKC.


North Berwick Kayak Club works within the guidelines of Child Protection and the SCA to provide the opportunity for all it's members and helpers to participate in the experience of Kayaking in a safe and secure environment.


As a member or helper of NBKC you will be expected to attend a Child Protection Course, this will be organised by our child protection officer.


For any further information please contact the club Child Protection Officer Peter Elderfield : 01620 895693



Child and vulnerable adult Protection Procedures


Reporting Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse


The following process must be followed at all times.


1.     Observe and note the time, date, location and context in which the incident occurred, or the suspicion aroused.  Record all other relevant information. This may be recorded ad hoc at the time of the incident but must be recorded in the incident log (document NBKC_10)


2.     Report the incident or suspicion immediately or as soon as you can to the club child protection office.

Peter Elderfield 01620 895693 or


3.     If the club child protection officer has reasonable grounds for believing that the child/ vulnerable adult has been abused or is at risk of abuse she will report immediately to the local Social Work Department who have responsibility to investigate and assess suspected or actual abuse.


4.     If the club child protection officer can't contact the social work department then she will contact the local Police child protection office. Under no circumstances should the child/ vulnerable adult be left in danger.


5.     The club child protection office will inform the Scottish Canoe Association Child protection office Yvonne Yost immediately of the reported incident.



What to do if you are told by a child / vulnerable adult they have been abused.


      Stay calm.


      Don't promise to keep it to yourself.


      Listen to what is being said and do take

        it seriously.


     Only ask questions if you need to identify what the child / vulnerable adult is telling you. Don't ask about explicit details.


    Make a detailed, signed and dated note of what the child/ vulnerable adult has told you.


        Do not delay in passing all the information to the club child protection officer.




North Berwick Kayak Club child protection officer is:

 Peter Elderfield: 01620 895693 or mobile 07789 924630

Last updated 28/09/2010


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